About Danica Louwe

My Why

In my 13 years career. I’ve handle different kinds of web development projects. From simple html page, to complex wordpress build. I’ve built Joomla Sites, Moodle Sites, Drupal Sites, Magento Sites, WordPress Sites, WordPress E-commerce Site, and WordPress Membership Site.

…and after building all of these different kind of websites. I realized that it’s always Membership Projects that made me feel full-filled and challenged. I just love all of it..

  • I love all of the challenges that it gives me – even how hard it is.
  • I love the process of figuring out how the program will work.
  • I love the process of figuring out how we can help members complete their program.
  • I love the process of the continues research to help members and the program they are enrolled in become better.

Maybe because, based on my experience. I know how online learning can help individual achieve their goals.

This is why I decided that I’ll pour all of myself and focus on creating solutions for WordPress Membership.

I hope that with my passion and dedication with online learning I can help lots of coaches and businesses out their share their knowledge with their audience and help them achieve their goals.